What do you need for Everest base camp packing list

Everest base camp trek packing list - What do you need for Everest base camp packing list

What do you need for Everest base camp packing list

Are you planning to visit Mount Everest this year for trekking? Then come and grab ideas for the packing list for Everest base camp trek. Before these, you just need to understand the region around Mount Everest in clear.  Basically, Mount Everest is one of the highest mountains being situated at a height of 8848 meters high from the sea level. Thus being situated at such a location it has attracted thousands of climbers both professional and non-professional from all across the world.

Geography of Everest has suitably made it quite unfit for newcomers to survive. They are well affected by the temperature. In order to make them suitably well, it is needed by the climbers to carry all arrangement of items from before. You might be thinking what to carry and why. So come let’s just explore them now Mount Everest base camp trek packing list.

Complete Everest base camp packing list help you, what to bring exactly for discover Everest trekking region Nepal.

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Packing for your Everest base camp trek in Nepal

Doing packing for a trip that too in foreign is definitely going to be a tough job. Even if you are an experienced or a non experienced person yet it would consume lots of time. There might be something that you would leave behind while you pack. Thus it’s vital for you to maintain a perfect list of packing before you start making this Everest base camp packing list. Thus the list would contain a number of items. Thus watch them out here!

Items that needs to be carried checklist

  • Carry personal medical kit with you while climbing. This is done in order to avoid any kind of unwanted circumstances at times and also to get recovered from short-term diseases at times. Trekking company also supply medical kit but it is highly recommended to consult your doctor then carry some medicine with you.
  • Carry water purifying items with you. In such huge region getting pure water is certainly not possible.
  • Anti-inflammatory items
  • Prepare yourself for the sun’s attack during day times.
  • Carry an antibiotic for extra rectification of reactions.

This is the perfect packing list for Everest base camp trek in Nepal collected by the experience guide and traveler on experience of need. Check complete Everest base camp packing list below.
What gear do i need for Everest base camp clothing and foot wear

  1. Down jacketWhich is the best jacket for Everest base camp trek clothing advice
  2. Insulated pants
  3. Wind pants
  4. Thermal trouser
  5. Long-sleeved woolen shirt
  6. Short-sleeved cotton T-shirts
  7. Regular underwear
  8. Thermal underwear
  9. Woolen hat
  10. Sun and rain hat
  11. Gloves
  12. Gaiters
  13. Trekking boots (waterproof)
  14. Woolen socks
  15. Cotton socks
  16. Sandals

Gear on the Everest base camp trek and accessories

  1. Sleeping bag +10°C to –10°C 4 Season down sleeping bag for Everest base camp trek
  2. Rucksack and duffel bag
  3. Towel (quick drying)
  4. Water bottle
  5. Headlamp with spare batteries
  6. Trekking poles
  7. Water purifying tablets
  8. Pocket knife (kept in duffel bag)
  9. Wallet or money belt
  10. Toilet paper, soap, tooth paste/brush.
  11. Moisturizing lotion
  12. Snow glasses and sunglasses
  13. Spare pair of sunglasses
  14. Sunscreen and lip guard
  15. Emergency contact numbers
  16. Personal first aid kitVaccinations & medications are needed for Everest base camp trek

Optional Everest base camp trekking gear list

  • Binoculars
  • Reading and writing material
  • Repair kit with needle, thread and safety pins
  • Your favorite snack food like raisins or chocolate
  • Protein supplements for vegetarian

See what you should wear during Everest base camp trek Nepal
Things needed for Everest base camp trek. Though the place is quite cool thus, you probably need to carry your winter materials like sweaters with you for safety. This is done to protect you from altitude sickness and reduced temperature at nights. Thus what is the best outfit to wear when trekking to Everest base camp? This has probably been explained here for your easiness. Given packing list for Everest base camp trek help you to make EBC trip comfortable. We organize fully supported EBC trek as per your desire and duration of holidays write us.