Everest skydive highest skydiving in the world jump over Mt Everest

Everest skydive highest skydiving in the world jump over Mt Everest

Everest skydive highest skydiving in the world jump over Mt Everest

Humans have always been attracted to adventure. We are always trying to push ourselves past our limitations. Extreme sports are an avenue that gives us a chance to try our adventurous nature. Organized in various forms in various countries, extreme sports are a fairly safe way to test our limits. The Everest Skydive is one such event held annually in the Himalayas. This is no ordinary skydive. Picture of Mount Everest & photos taken from the top of Mount Everest

The Everest Skydive is the highest skydiving in the world. The feeling of jumping in front of the tallest peak on the earth could probably be the best thrills in the world. This certainly is not for the faint-hearted. Not even for the normally strong hearted. This requires an extreme passion for seeking thrill.

Dropping from a height of more than 7500 m just below the Mount Everest and seeing the sights as you fall down is itself an experience that is unmatched by anything in this world. All around you will be snow-capped mountains and terrifying peaks. You will see the various Sherpa settlements around you as you fall from the height.

The jump over Mt Everest is the dream of every extreme sports lover and skydiver. Many experts have said that this should make the top of the “to do before you die” list. It has attracted many adventure seekers from around the world from when it was started in 2008. Mount Everest base camp trek Nepal side - Mt Everest base camp trek

There is no other way you can see the Himalayas from the top. These skydivers will go on to become part of an elite international club of adventures. It is possible to do with Everest base camp trek in Nepal also.

The air is much thinner at those heights and so safety measures needed for this have to be taken. Oxygen should be carried during the fall. You will need to wear extra layers of clothing because of the extreme cold. Because of the thin air, your parachute will perform differently and hence these falls require larger parachutes.

All safety and precaution measures will be informed by the organizers and utmost care is taken to check the weather before the drop. Event held on the month of October or November annually in Khumbu Nepal. If you interested for Everest Skydive ” the highest skydiving in the world” email us to get the cost, date and itinerary details.