Helicopter rescue service from Everest base camp Khumbu region

Mount Everest Helicopter Rescue - Helicopter rescue service from Everest base camp Khumbu region

Helicopter rescue service from Everest base camp Khumbu region Himalayas

Air rescue operation at the Everest base camp, climbing period and from the walking trail to EBC helps to save the life of many trekkers and climbers. But on the other hand, all the choppers of the Everest helicopter rescue operation have actually increased the intensity of the chaos as well as introduced a new face of danger on top of the world.

The arrival of the high-altitude helicopters on the Mount Everest has completely transformed the search and rescue operation and eventually saved many lives. There are many helicopter service provider companies in Nepal to provide choppers for the rescue operation at Mount Everest base camp. The rescue helicopter service has been developed after the 1996 Everest disaster where 8 climbers were dead in a day.

Rescue during Everest base camp trek require when travelers get sick due to the altitude sickness or other health related issues. Check expert design packages listed below to minimize the risk and stay away from taking helicopter rescue service from Everest base camp or trek route. We proudly announce that high-altitude helicopter rescues begin on Mt. Everest for expedition & injured climbers. Rescue during Everest base camp trek not require if you travel to Mount Everest slowly

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About the mountain helicopters Nepal and its service
Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour photo a stunning helicopter ride to Mount Everest on helicopter tour in NepalWith the advent of B3 helicopter, the rescue mission and operation have been even more secure and faster at the Everest base camp. This chopper is known to be a sturdy but light aircraft designed to operate generally at around 23,000 feet.

Inspire of all the conveniences and advantages, there are some frightening risks associated with the helicopter rescue operation. The unpredictable and violent weather along with very high altitude of the Himalayas make it tough for the pilot to operate the helicopter properly.

Things to know about air rescue operation at Everest base camp
There are 2 helipads sit within few hundred feet of the Everest expedition camp sites at the Mount Everest base camp. The frequent landings are likely to make the climbers very uneasy. There are many helipads along the trekking trail one in each village. The helicopters are reportedly being deployed in the questionable circumstances.

Helicopter charter in Nepal from different chopper companies is supposed to provide helicopters at Everest base camp Khumbu region for Mount Everest case camp rescue operation.Everest base camp helicopter trek & tour cost to sightseeing Nepal

Mountain Helicopter charter & rescue service in Nepal
Mountain rescue in the Himalayas has always been the unplanned dealings. If you are on trouble during trekking or climbing period you can consult with us to get the quick Helicopter charter & rescue service in Nepal.

To get the helicopter rescue service from Everest base camp and from the Himalayas, Nepal you have to pass your passport copy, insurance policy number and insurance company detail. Then we will send you helicopter any corners of Everest trekking region within 1 hour write us.