How to buy a ticket to Lukla for Everest base camp trek

Kathmandu to lukla flight - ticket to Lukla for Everest base camp trek

How to buy a ticket to Lukla for Everest base camp trek

If you want to trek, Mount Everest, you will first need to go to Kathmandu. You need to know how to buy a ticket to Lukla for Everest base camp trek. You have to first book the flight ticket for Kathmandu. Then from Kathmandu, you have to go to Lukla airport. We are here in Kathmandu to provide you flight booking service to Lukla. Send us your program schedule to go to Lukla and again flight back date to Kathmandu.Tara air aircraft photo with Lukla to Kathmandu flight fare, schedule and booking procedure

Lukla flight schedule and availability
Lukla located in the mountain region. Weather of Lukla is not stable changes frequently. Basically morning time 7 am to 11:30 pm is the best weather and clear visibility. It is recommended to book morning flight throw reputed agency.

If in case the flight delay they arrange similar flight for next day and provide alternative options also like helicopter flight to Lukla same day. You can check all the schedules of the flights online. You can always look for the cheaper rate tickets and book the tickets online quite easily also. Kathmandu to Lukla plenty of flights are in deal throughout the day. However, you can make the time calculation as per your own convenience.

During the peak trekking season March to May and September to October, It is not easy to get the morning flight. If you book Kathmandu to Lukla flight in advance throw agency they can arrange morning flight for you.

Main airlines for flight to Lukla
If you consider the best airlines in Kathmandu to Lukla flight which will lead you to Lukla, there is a main airlines service. This is Tara Air. The other airlines also provide regular flight to Lukla are Summit air Summit air Nepal, Kathmandu to Lukla flight cost with flight schedule and ticket booking info(Goma air change the name and become summit air operate regular flight to Lukla with new aircraft) Simrik air (Simrik air provide the helicopter flight to Lukla in case the flight are delay due to the weather) and Sita air (Sita air operate regular flight to Lukla by dornier aircraft).

Tara, Goma and Simrik are considered as the most trusted air services in Nepal for Lukla. Overall, there are plenty of flights. Most of them will take twenty-five minutes to reach Lukla. However, in the rainy seasons and in any hazardous time it can take longer time and the planes can be delayed accordingly.

Available packages with duration that helps you to know; how long does it take to trek to Everest base camp from Lukla? How far is it from Lukla to Everest base camp - Daily distances traveled on lukla to everest base camp trek route

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Alternative plan
If you are not finding the ticket to Lukla for Everest base camp trek, in that case, you can book a flight to Phaplu. From phaplu you can trek to Everest base camp it takes 3 more days. beside that you can drive from Kathmandu to jiri then start trek to Everest base camp following the footsteps of Hilary. It takes 17 days total to complete Everest base camp trek. Sita air flight schedule to Lukla and ticket reservation price with Sita air aircraft picture

Jiri to Everest trek route is more pleasant, and you will get a wonderful experience of the trekking. However, as it takes a longer time to reach Lukla, in this case, it is not much a popular way to reach Kathmandu. You can consider this as an alternative plan if you cannot get flight to Lukla.

There is no doubt about the fact that going to Lukla is not a very difficult thing as the availability of the flight is there. You can always search online for the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Now you are clear How to buy a ticket to Lukla for Everest Base camp trek. Don’t worry about the availability write an email to us with desired date to fly to Lukla. We are happy to book you flight to Lukla in advance as well as a trekking package to discover Everest region Sagarmatha national park.