Important life lessons from Mount Everest base camp trek

Important life lessons from Mount Everest base camp trek in Himalayas

Important life lessons from Mount Everest base camp trek in Himalayas

Trekking to the base camp of world’s highest not only takes you to its base camp. it provide you an opportunity to observe nature and culture of Nepal. At the same time you learn few life lessons from mount Everest base camp trek in Himalayas. Life changing lesson that travelers look and feel during Everest base camp listed below.

List of inspirational life lessons from Everest base camp trek in Himalayas

1. Everest base camp trek route is the place to go with mental and physical preparation.

2. Every step takes us closer to Mount Everest, following the footsteps of legendary mountaineers.

3. Good quality light weight hiking boots will keep you from twisting an ankle on the rocky paths.

4. Trekking poles are a real assistant while climbing up and on the way down.

5. Beginning of trek each morning chilly cold but once the sun gets up it warms up quickly.

6. Lifetime dream become true when you reach Everest base camp.

7. Go your own pace. Slow and steady steps make 100% sure to reach the target.

8. Nature of walking trail to EBC is flat, rough and steep concentrate your mind on track, stop walk and look around to see the view and capture memorable moment in camera.

9. Light day pack with water, snacks, rain coat, suns cream & camera make easy to go.

10. Nature, culture renew and recharge the mind at the same time love and care of staff make an experience of a lifetime.

11. Be wise and rewards guides and porters with goop tip who take care through the journey from the start to end.

12. Important to make research about destination before going to experience. It helps to preparing according to the weather, temperature and requirements.

13. Not possible to get the place like home while travelling, have to adjust with basic availability for survival.

14. Local know better than stranger, do not take shortcuts and quick schedule, it may life threatening.

15. Right trekking gear selection helps to make Everest base camp safe and comfortable. Buy and hire trekking gear in Kathmandu and pack properly.

If you inspired, after reading this life lessons from Mount Everest base camp trek in Himalayas email us. We organize your Mount Everest base camp trek journey as per your requirements. We request all to come to visit Nepal on the months of spring and autumn season for superior experience.