List of Animals found on Mount Everest area of the Himalayas

List of Animals found on Mount Everest area the Himalayas

List of animals found on Mount Everest area the Himalayas

Mount Everest is well known for its climatic conditions, it makes it clear that very few types of animals can survive in Mount Everest. The incredible altitude of the Mount Everest 8848 meters is considered as the highest point of the earth. You may be surprised to find that at that location also some of the animals are able to survive. Very few living beings can survive on the mountain due to lack of oxygen and cold thus many of the species live at the lower altitudes.

Are there any animals on Mount Everest?
The species that animals found on the Mount Everest are very rare and they are limited. The list of animals found on Mount Everest includes snow leopard, Himalayan bear, Himalayan goral, red panda, Himalayan Tahr etc. The snow leopards are the native to the mountains they are the large cats which are in the wild world.

At present only 500 are remaining in Nepal Himalayas. The snow leopards are adapted to the high altitude environment as they have the thick fur and wide feet which can allow then to walk on the snowy rock.

Are you interested to know about mountain animals that live on Mount Everest? Suggested & effective ways to observe animals on Mount Everest are either trekking or expedition in Khumbu region. Himalayan yaks on Everest area, be careful with domestic yak while trekking to Everest base campYou can check the plants found on Mount Everest.

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What kind of animals live on Mount Everest?
There are not any possibilities to live any kinds of animals on Everest area above 18,690 feet or 5,750 meters. Small numbers of Himalayan Thars, snow leopard, musk deer, wild yak, red panda, and the Himalayan black bears inhabit lower altitudes.

Do people live on Mount Everest?
People cannot live on Mount Everest but climbers and Sherpa people can stay at the top of Mount Everest for while during Everest summit period. There are not any possibilities of life.Everest Base Camp Trek & Kala Patthar hiking Nepal
What animal can live at the highest altitude?

The animals that can live at the highest altitude of Tibet and Nepal up to 6,100 m are blue-sheep, Tibetan gazelle, Pika, yak and certain birds.

Himalayan jumping spider found in Mount Everest
Mount Everest is the home of “black jumping spider”. It has been found at altitudes as high as 6700 meters above sea level.

How big is a Himalayan jumping spider?
Body size of jumping spiders is from 1 to 25 mm.

What insects live on Mount Everest?
Himalayan jumping spiders only the insect can live in Mount Everest up to 6700 meters.

What reptiles live on Mount Everest?
There are not any reptiles can live in Mount Everest.

What do Himalayan jumping spiders eat?
Himalayan jumping spiders hide in crevices and feed on frozen insects blown by the wind.

The Wildlife in Mt. Everest
Himalayan Wolf and Himalayan black bear can be found in the forested area of the Mt. Everest. Himalayan Thar is the animal which is found in Mount Everest. They are considered as the near threatened in the wild world. Red panda are rarely found in the lower parts of Mount Everest trekking areas of Himalayas. The list of animals found in Mount Everest includes Himalayan gorals also. So these are the list of animals which can be found in Mount Everest.Birds Near Everest Base Camp - Birds that live on Mount Everest

Can birds fly over Mount Everest?
Yes, griffon vulture and bar-headed goose can fly over Mount Everest.

What is the highest flying bird in the world?
Ruppell’s griffon vulture is the highest flying bird in the world. It is endangered species, flying at 37,000 feet like a commercial plane. Bar-headed goose also is the highest flying bird in the world.

They can cross the Himalayas during the migration. If you interested to see the animals found on Mount Everest with Everest base camp trek write us; we are happy to organize as per your desire.