Mount Everest base camp weather forecast & temperature

Mount Everest base camp weather forecast - Everest base camp weather forecast, climate & temperature Nepal side

Mount Everest base camp weather forecast, climate & temperature

The Mount Everest base camp is a point you will have to hike your way through no matter what the name of the place suggests. All the trekkers and hikers throughout the world pay a visit to Nepal just so they can reach the base camp of Mount Everest in the Himalayas.

But after you have reached the Mount Everest base camp, not everyone is suitable, fit or brave enough to take a hike to the summit of the mighty Everest. The view of the Everest is as usual one of the mightiest. Nonetheless to say the climate and temperature of the Everest are very chilly. You will have to climb your way to high elevation points of Khumbu valley. Be mindful about the weather forecast before trekking to Everest base camp. Everest base camp temperature always chilly cold go with proper gear & check Everest base camp temperature today before go.

Everest base camp temperature & climate is an extreme one

The Mount Everest base camp temperature forecast is undoubtedly an extreme one. The summit temperatures are freezing, and the temperature can only drop to as low -60 degree Celsius in the month of January. It’s really difficult to accurately forecast the weather of Everest region.

Learn about weather forecasts and determine the meaning of charts before you decide to take on the mountains. There are trusted sites that can provide you with information regarding weather predictions and shifts. We will update Current temperature at Mount Everest base camp soon.

Weather & temperature of Everest base camp on the months of spring and autumn are really fantastic. You must check Everest base camp weather forecast before heading to EBC from Gorakshep / Kathmandu or from your country. Popular packages to see Mount Everest region & base camp listed below select the package according to your fitness.

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The biggest problem climber’s face is wild wind

Although the Everest base camp climate is very low, it is not the biggest issue climber’s face; the biggest issue faced by them is the occasional forceful hurricane winds that will start developing have a rate of development of at least 285 km every hour. These winds are however not as forceful and wild during the month May, and this is the ideal short time during which maximum of the climbers try and climb the Everest summit.

The Everest base camp climate is unpredictableWow what a fantastic Everest base camp weather offers stunning views of Himalayas
The Mount Everest base camp weather facts has the pattern of seasons as found in the typical northern hemisphere region. The Everest is located at 28 degrees to the north of the equator. This place is always located in a way that it lays on the very edge where it can be influenced by the Indian Monsoon which is responsible for bringing clouds and moisture especially in the months of June to September.

When the climate is moderate on the months of March to May and October to November are the best times to go to Everest base camp. Best weather and climate forecast for Everest climbing summit on the months of May and October.

The Mount Everest base camp weather & climate year round has two best seasons most suitable for the purpose of trekking and hiking. Now you know about the climate and temperature of the mighty Everest. Check Mount Everest base camp weather forecast and consult to book Everest base camp trek with reputed company.

We organize Everest trekking since 11 years. We are highest peak base camp trekking specialist team of guide. If you interested to discover Mount Everest base camp safely write us. We guarantee to make your journey to Everest safe, successful and lifetime achievement.

Mount Everest base camp weather facts


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