Information about people and culture of Everest region Nepal

All you need to know about people and culture of Everest region Nepal

Information about people and culture of Everest region Nepal

Gurkha and Sherpa people are well known all over the world because of their brave behaviors. Both of them are the fear less people to complete the mission. People and culture of Everest region Nepal also the blend of these two community. Travelers get in touch with Gurkha lower section and Sherpa in upper part of Everest trekking area.

Most of the People of Everest region are Buddhist practice Tibetan Buddhism. Gurkha people are mainly Hindu but increasing Christianity in remote village and poor community mountain area very quickly. These days Ethnic people like Sherpa, Tamang and Rai people living in the Everest region. During the trekking period trekkers can observe their culture all over as this is their heartland.

It is difficult to see the real image of these community. now it is influences by western culture due tourism activity and modernization. Any way you can observe their transforming traditions including their dress wear their houses and the monasteries in their villages. Each ethnic group people of Everest region Nepal have their own unique culture.

People and culture of Everest region Nepal


The Himalayas are more than just a home of the Sherpas, it is a way of life for the virtuous mountain people. The people and culture of Everest region are like no other. These people are a very religious people and followers of the teachings of Buddha. The monastery serves as a pillar of unity in their villages. This is the center of their culture. Sherpa people know what it takes to make visitors feel comfortable and like a part of the village. They will offer scarf and figurines as it is their way of showing friendship and greeting.

Tamang & Rai

Tamang and Rai people also are the indigenous people of mountain region of Nepal. There are many people from these community found in foothills of Himalayas. These people are hardworking, honest and very responsible. Rai and Tamang people are the backbone of all business related to tourism in Everest region.

There is a great involvement of Gurkha in tourism sector of Nepal. They guide and organize verity of adventure tourism activities in Nepal Like trekking, climbing expedition etc. The Gurkha are a very lovely people that will make you feel like a part of their family.

Sherpa of Everest area already earn lot of money from tourism. They are migrated to city area as well as abroad like USA, Canada, Australia and European countries. In fact there are only few local Sherpa of Everest region get involve in mountain climbing and other adventure activities. Sherpa from lower part & poor community come to take an advantage of risk to earn for livelihood. They guide and take tourist to the base camp as well as the summit of Mount Everest.

The beautiful Himalayas
The Himalayas is a beautiful place to visit with extraordinary venues to visit. With all this beauty the most beautiful thing about this place is the people. The people of Everest region Nepal are the lifeblood of the Himalayas. Many tourist and visitors believe the Sherpa is a profession and not a people. They believe that it is the profession of mountain guides and porters.

At the end of this post you may gather basic ideas about people and culture of Everest region Nepal. Mount Everest base camp trek Nepal and Everest view trek are suitable trip to familiar with local of Everest trekking region of Himalayas. If you interested to discover people and culture of Everest region Nepal book Everest base camp trek with us. We are very happy to take you to the land of brave Sherpa and Gurkha in the Himalayas.